2016 is coming so that means we’ll be in the actual year of the Eurovision 2016 but there’s still one thing that Eurovision fans will do before 2015 ends. Listening ESCRadio for the ESC250.It’s one of the biggest voting of the year sponsored by ESCRadio. I hope all you Eurovision fans out there already voted. Because it has been a while since the voting closed. Questions for these years are:


Ekran Resmi 2016-12-29 19.43.09As you know since the split results revealed there’s a big arguments between jury lovers and televoting lovers (or Månsters and Ilvolovers) because Grande Amore won the televoting but heroes won the jury voting and when you combined the votes Måns Zelmerlöw is the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with song Heroes for Sweden and we will see how fans voted at the ESC250 which one will be the highest.


2- Did People Forget About Euphoria or Not?

Euphoria by Loreen won the ESC250 3 years In a row (2012,2013,2014) so did fans forget about the owner of the breakthrough 12 points record and voted for new songs or will Loreen still lead the list . We’ll see

    3- How people voted for 2015 songs ?

As you know in 2015 there were many favorite songs like Goodbye To Yesterday, Amanecer, A Monster Like Me, Love Injected, Rhythm Inside or the half time winner A Million Voices. Were they just a one second flames song or really good songs ? We will wait and see.Ekran Resmi 2016-12-29 20.29.38

What About Calm After The Storm?

Shortly CATS was black horse of the 2014 and they finished second both in Eurovison and ESC250 2014 just placed one above the Conchita. Will they save their place or will they crash ?


What happened to the really old but ancient classic songs ?

Majority of the Eurovison fans still tell that Waterloo(6th place in ESC250 2015) is the best winner ever and actually it’s the only song that placed in top 20 in ESC250 2014. And Tu Te Reconnaîtras follows it with 23th place.

So Songs will be announced from 11.00CET on ESCRadio until the last 30 minutes of 2015 (23.30CET). And we will wait and see for the answers of the questions above.