Molly Sanden┬áQualified For The Final ┬áwith the song “Youniverse”

7-Molly Sanden

Queen of JESC for Sweden. In 2006 she finished 3rd in Junior Eurovision. Then first she tried #Melfest in 2009 with “S├ą Vill Stj├Ąrnorna” ┬áshe qualified for final but she finished last. Then back in 2012 she made her second appearance with “Why Am I Crying?” and she qualified again. She finished fifth in final. In past two years she released Phoenix, Satellites and Freak. With freak she reached 16th position in Swedish charts. Then she released “Like No One’s Watching” ┬áAlbum in 2015. And you will recognize her boyfriend Danny Saucedo.

Her song’s name is “Youniverse”. It’s written by herself, her boyfriend Danny Saucedo and, John Alexis.