The 7th edition of the ABU TV Song Festival 2018 will be co-organised by the public television of Turkmenistan (TVTM), on 2 October at Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

TRT selected Guliz Ayla and Bahadir Tatlioz to represent Turkey in the upcoming song festival. Two well-known Turkish singers will wave the Turkish flag for the 3rd time of the festival’s history. Total of 14 countries will take part in the festival.

maNga represented in 2014 (watch the performance ) and Murat Dalkilic in 2015 (watch the performance ) when TRT hosted the contest. Watch the 2015 contest here.

Yayıncı kuruluş, Asya Yayın

Turkey returned the contest after 2 years of absence. Guliz Ayla is known for her songs Olmazsan Olmaz (watched by 142 million) and Bahsetmem Lazım (watched by 88 million).

The most listened song on YouTube of Bahadir Tatlioz is Takvim with 113 millions of listeners.

Their song was composed by Metin Ozulku. The date of the song’s releasing is not known yet.
The artists announced the news via their social media accounts;