Jamala, who won the 2016 edition of Eurovision Song Contest with her song “1944”, is preparing to give a concert in Istanbul on 17th of August. The Crimean Tatar singer, condemned the recent military coup attempt of FETO (The Fetullah Terrorist Organization) in Turkey, and sent heart-touching words for Turkish people. She announced that she was going to dedicate her concert to all those who died defending democracy of the Republic of Turkey on 15th of July.

Emphasizing her love and connection to Turkey, Jamala said:

“Turkey is like a part of my family. I accept Turkey as my homeland. My sister and her family lives there. I’ve always felt like home when I was in Turkey.

I was very worried on the night of 15th July when I heard the coup attempt. It was a very tough night. I supported Turkish public with all my heart. The Turkish nation resisted against the forces of FETO bravely and epically, and they succeeded. The people defended their homeland. We, Ukrainians are familiar with such tragic situations. During the Revolution, many innocent people, students and teenagers died in Independence Square in Kiev. Also in Turkey, I watched the scenes that men are resisting the tanks with their own bodies. Of course, all these were horrifying. Of course, all kinds of coup, revolution, war done by military forces traumatize us all. I don’t understand how it is possible to live with all these things. May Allah have mercy upon souls of everyone who lost their lives.

I am trying to do what an artist is capable of doing. I am obviously not a politician. I prefer to gift my music to the people. So, I am going to Turkey on 17th of August to give a concert in Harbiye Open Air Theatre in Istanbul. What is important for me is supporting people with my music and giving them hope.

I’ll dedicate my concert to all those who died on 15th July for democracy and human rights, and also everyone who lost their lives in 1999 İzmit earthquake occurred on 17 August in northwestern Turkey.”

Below you can watch the emotional winning performance of Jamala at the Grand Final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: Anadolu Agency