Anime names of Sweden Dolly Style qualified for the Andra Chansen with the song Rollercoaster.



Dolly Style
Hello Hi !In 2015 they got the all attention on theirselves with their staging and barbie world style song. TheyÔÇÖre back just after 2015 which┬áeliminated in Andra Chansan against Dinah Nah. After 2015 we can say that theyÔÇÖre coming really strong cause they release one more song named ÔÇťCherry GumÔÇŁ and they made a really big fan base.

Their 2016 song named ÔÇťRollercoasterÔÇŁ and its written by Thomas G:son, Peter Bostr├Âm and its the same team with Euphoria and Pastora SolarÔÇÖs Quadrate Conmingo.