We’re going to Sweden next year. Måns Zemerlöw has taken the trophy of 60th Eurovision Song Contest. He has achieved the victory for Sweden after three years from the victory of Loreen.
Russia was leading at the first place for a long time. Some of us had thought that they’re going to do it like the winner Måns Zemerlöw. They became second at this year’s Eurovision, and Italy has followed them at 3rd place.

At televoting Italy’s Il Volo has become the winner, Russia is again at second and Sweden was at 3rd place. That was the first time that we have had this kind of situation at Eurovision. In jury vote Sweden was at the lead but Italy was at 6th place, so actually this had brought the victory to the Swedish Måns Zemerlöw.

 We have some more interesting results. Albania has become 9th at televoting, 26th at jury voting. Even though she has had the biggest percent of the televotes from Italy, she couldn’t got any points from Italy at Saturday night.

Montenegro has taken it’s best results in Eurovision history. Latvia has made through the final six years later and they had become 6th at Saturday night.

Australia, the special guest of 60th Eurovision has ended up at Top5.

After twelve years, we have even two contries which had ended up the contest with zero points: the host country Austria and Germany.

Here are the results: