The national broadcaster of Finland (YLE) announced the plans of national final and their songs.

The semi finals of national final will be done on 7-14 and 21 February. And the winner will be chosen on 28 February. We learnt the name of songs with big scandal before, but we can listen the musics now.

Here are the songs and their clips…

Aikuinen – Kyynelten lahti

Angelo De Nile – All for Victory
Eeverest – Love It All Away
Hans On The Bass – Loveshine
Heidi Pakarinen – Bon Voyage
Ida Bois – Kumbaya
Jouni Aslak – Lions and Lambs
J├Ąrjestysh├Ąiri├ – S├Ąrkyneiden syd├Ąnten kulmilla
Norlan El Misionario – No Voy A Ilorar Por Ti
Opera Skaala – Heart of Light
Otto Ivar – Truth or Dare
Pertti Kurikan Nimip├Ąiv├Ąt – Aina mun pit├Ą├Ą
Pihka ja myrsky – Syd├Ąn ei nuku
Satin Circus – Crossroads
Shava – Ostarilla
Siru – Mustelmat
Solju – Hold Your Colours
Vilikasper Kanth – ├ä├Ąnenkantamattomiin

umk 2015

And also  UMK 2015 will be presented by Rakel Liekki & Roope Salminen.