In several years, relations between Eurovision & The Voice increased. Representers of yesterday, juries of today; or the winners of The Voice yesterday, representers of today… Even we can not overlook at it!

From The Voice To The Eurovision

Elhaida Dani (Albania 2015)

The Albanian girl who is the winner of first season of The Voice of Italy… She won the show over %70 of the public vote and became famous later. In 2014, she has won Festival i Kenges 2014 with the song “Te Kerkoj” and she represented Albania in Vienna.

Loic Nottet (Belgium 2015)

He became 2nd in The Voice Belgique 2014. He represented Belgium in Vienna.


Roberto Bellarossa (Belgium 2013)

He is the first winner The Voice Belgique. But he could not reach the same success in Eurovision.

Krista Siegfrids (Finland 2013)

She joined The Voice Of Finland in the first season. But she dropped in the semi final. At least, she qualified through the final in Eurovision.


Dina Garipova (Russia 2013)

She became the winner of The Voice Of Russia in December 2012 with %54 of public votes. Afterwards, she participated Russia in Malmo and became 5th with “What If”

Joan Franka (The Netherlands 2012)

Before being Indian, she was a contestant in The Voice Of Holland in 2011. The Voice contest is the source of her fame in The Netherlands.

Ilse DeLange (The Netherlands 2014)

She is the female member of The Common Linnets which was the runner-up in Copenhagen with “Calm After The Storm”. She has begun to being jury in The Voice Of Holland in the 4th season and still carries on.


Trijntje Oosterhuis (The Netherlands 2015)

She is one season older than Ilse in The Voice of Holland. In December, it was announced that she will represent The Netherlands in Vienna. Just a little condition change.


From Eurovision To The Voice

Hadise (Turkey 2009)

She represented Turkey in Moscow with “Dum Tek Tek” and she became 4th. Afterwards, she became more famous in Turkey. Now, the is one of the juries in The Voice of Turkey.


Rita Ora (Eurovision: Your Country Needs You in 2009)

Probably the most famous one in this story. She tried to represent United Kingdom in Eurovision 2009 but later she withdrew from the competition due to not feeling ready . Later, Jade Ewen represented and became 5th. Despite being singer, she is a jury member in The Voice UK at the moment. Which one is more famous?


Natasha St-Pier (France 2001)

And here is the second most famous one of our story: Natasha St-Pier. Newbie Eurovision fans might not know her but she represented France in Eurovision 2001 in Copenhagen and she became 4th. Now, she is a jury member in The Voice Belgique.


Elnur Huseynov (Azerbaijan 2008)

He was the singer of “Day After Day” the debut entry of Azerbaijan with Samir in 2008 in Belgrade. Now, he tries to be The Voice Of Turkey? Could he be?

Aliona Moon (Moldova 2013)

She was the representer of Moldova in Malmo. In 2014, she competed in The Voice Of Romania and became 4th. Is it a good result? At least, better than Eurovision.

Aline Lahoud (Lebanon 2005)

She was close to represent Lebanon in 2005 but policy did not let her. Lebanon were forced to withdraw because they would not guarantee broadcasting the Israeli performance.In 2014, she competed in The Voice en France.

Magdalena Tul (Poland 2011)

She represented Poland in 2011 with “Jestem” but she got a dissappointing result with being last in the 1st Semi-Final. Later, Poland withdrew and hadn’t returned 2 years. In 2013, she competed in The Voice Of Poland.

And many more… On the other hand, Alexa Vorobyova the last winner of The Voice Of Russia is likely to fly the Russian flag in Vienna. The UK is discussing to send The Voice winner to Eurovision. And also Croatia is considering to send The Voice winner to Eurovision when they come back in 2016. Does the epoch of national finals end and the epoch of The Voice winners in Eurovision begin? Passing time will show us.