Hotels in Vienna are outrageously expensive in Eurovision Song Contest time. The tickets will go on sale on Monday, Eurovision Song Contest will alao benefit the hotels in Vienna.

Three-star hotels are twice more expensive in May. Five-star hotels are twice or three times more expensive than normal costs.

Short time after Conchita Wurst won in May 2014, a lot of hotels in Austria started to grow their capacities. Even some hotels blocked their entire rooms contingent.

The travel search engine site, made a research about the cost of staying in Vienna in Eurovision season. The General Manager of the site John Lee Saez: “A lot of people is searching about Vienna on our site. So if you want to stay in Vienna on May, you have to be faster.” he said.

Five-star hotels: On Eurovision day, 285ÔéČ instead 167ÔéČ. It can be 310ÔéČ if you’ll stay with one person extra. So this means you would pay 70% more than you’ll pay to the hotel in next week.

Three-star hotels: On Eurovision day, 81ÔéČ insteaf 54ÔéČ. So this means you’ll pay 40% more than you would pat to the hotel in next week.