We will watch last Heat of A DAL 2015 tonight. The show will take place at MTVA Studio 1 in Budapest and will be hosted by Csilla Tatár…The jurry  consists of Pierrot, Jenő Csiszár, Magdi Rúzsa and Philip Rákay.

Tonights participants (Click song names for listen):

Bálint Gájer ,“That’s How It Goes”
Barbara Péter, “Listen to the Universe”
Boglárka Csemer – Boggie ,“Wars for Nothing”
Fool Moon ,”Back 2 Right”
Ildikó Keresztes ,“Hazám hazád lehet”
Kati Wolf ,“Ne engedj el”
Other Planet ,“Untold Story”
Proof of Life ,“Hol a határ”
Spoon ,“Keep Marching On”
Zoltán Mujahid ,“Beside You”

You can watch A DAL 2015 Heat 3 from here. The show starts at 20:25 CET.

Fans remember Kati Wolf from Düsseldorf in 2011. She represented her country with “What About My Dreams?” and became 22nd with 53 points.