The show that we all’ve been waiting for is only 3 weeks away and last week official album announced in iTunes but how did iTunes users reacted to the song who is charting and who’ve already flopped.

  1. Amir-J’ai Cherche /99th France-91st in Armenia-115th in Belarus-198th in Russia
  2. Frans-If I Were Sorry/31st in Estonia-10th in Sweden-25th Lithuania
  3. Barei-Say Yay!/92nd in Spain-55th in Norway
  4. Sergey Lazarev-You Are The Only One/97th Russia-172nd Kazakhstan
  5. Dami Im- Sound Of Silence/149th in Australia-154th in Lithuania
  6. Poli Genova-If Love Was A Crime/5th in  Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  7. Agnete-Icebreaker/23rd in  Norway
  8. Jüri Pootsman-Play/28th in Estonia
  9. Francesca Michielin-No Degree of Separation/33rd in Italy
  10. Ira Losco-Walk On Water/60th in Malta
  11. Douwe Bob-Slow Down/71st in Netherlands
  12. Zoë-Loin d’ici/74th in Austria
  13. Jamie-Lee-Ghost/83rd in Germany
  14. Samra-Miracle/113th in Azerbaijan
  15. ManuElla-Blue and Red/113th in Slovenia
  16. Joe & Jake-You’re Not Alone/145th in New Zealand
  17. Jamala-1944/177th in Ukraine
  18. Donny Montell-I’ve Been Waiting for This Night/183rd in Lithuania