This year, Söngvakeppnin 2016 hosts for legendary artists: Pálmi Gunnarsson. He represented Iceland with song Gleðibankinn in 1986, Norway.  It was the first time Iceland was represented in the contest. Also  Helga Möller and Eiríkur Hauksson had joined to him, the group called ICY…

Pálmi Gunnarsson will be trying his chance in  second semi-final of  Söngvakeppnin 2016 that will take place on 13 February. He’ll be perform to be in top three, and also to qualify.

Let’s read the special interview that was done with special person Pálmi Gunnarsson

Mynd með færslu

Who is Palmi? Can you tell us yourself, musical career?

I have been a professional musician since 1970, a singer, bassplayer and producer. My co-work with Magnús Eiríksson through a band called Mannakorn has produced numerous albums and the band is  still going strong after 40 years of recording.  I’ve worked with other artiststoo, as a bassplayer (electric and double bass) covering all three, the pop, blues and jazz genre, and also done my bit on stage, such as playing the role of Judas in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

Eurovision Song Contest should have special mean for you because you have represented Iceland first time in the contest in 1986. Could you tell us Eurovision 1986? Your selection process and you’re the most special memory for you?

The song Gleðibankinn (Bank of fun)  written by Magnús Eiríksson was meant to be on a new Mannakorn album but for some reason ended up in the national pre-selection and won.  The song was then reproduced and Eiríkur and Helga joined in.  I think what stands out from the Bergen adventure is how big of an event it was.  It was fun.

Why did you decide to enter the contest again?

Because the songwriter, Þórir Úlfarsson a known Icelandic producer and arranger and a good friend of mine, asked me to help him out and perform the song. That was it.

Could you tell us a little bit about your song and its message?

Þórir wrote the song when his young son was fighting leukemia. I guess the message of it is never to give up when the going gets tough.  His son won the battle and is well today.

How are you preparing yourself for the Söngvakeppnin 2016 and any targets for the contest?

Mostly by staying cool and my only target is to deliver a well written song properly.

Have you listened other participants of Söngvakeppnin 2016? What do you think about them?

Yes, and I love them all.

Do you have any surprises during your live performance?

Not really.

If you were to win the national selection and represent Iceland in Stockholm, at the Eurovision, would you sing in Icelandic or English?  I think Icelandic is really melodic language song, what do you think?

We haven’t made any decisions yet about it, so I can’t tell.

What does Eurovision mean to you? Do you have any favorite Eurovision song?

Eurovision is a hell of a party and sometimes produces really good songs and artists.

What do you think of the previous Eurovision participants from Iceland?

Lots of talented people.

Do you have any message for our readers? We wish see you in Stockholm!

Enjoy live to the fullest, it’s a short journey.  Love and peace.


Song and lyrics: Þórir Úlfarsson
Artist: Pálmi Gunnarsson

Það gerðist allt svo hratt
þá lífið snéri við
það er svo ótal margt
sem þolir enga bið
nú saman við biðjum því
við vitum jú að lífid liggur við

úr huganum aldrei víkur frá vonin
ég ferðast mun allt með þér
þótt langur sé sá vegur
með tímanum munu sárin þó gróa
ef allt fer á betri veg
ég leiði þig heim

hver örlát hjálparhönd
svo sterk þau vinabönd
svo ung og fögur sál
i æðum logar bál
nú saman við biðjum því
við vitum jú að lífid liggur við

úr huganum aldrei víkur frá vonin
ég ferðast mun hvert sem er
ég leiði þig heim

þó að meinið hafi sótt á þig
þá lifir enn sami kraftur í þér
nú ég þrái heitt það kraftaverk
að senn ,èg sjái þig blómstra á ný
ég trúi því

með tímanum munu sárin þó gróa
og allt fer á betri veg
ég leiði þig heim

það gerðist allt svo hratt
en áfram höldum við