INFE Network

INFE Network is the newest proposal for Eurovision Fanclubs and Fans. The Network is run by The Greek Eurovision Song Contest Fan Club and has departments in Germany, Turkey, Serbia, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and more!

The main aim and purpose of this Network is to gather all fans from Europe and the other continents, which do not belong in any other network, and to promote the idea of being a member of a fan club and the Eurovision Family of Events. The network so far counts 3500 people but the aim is much higher!

INFE Almanya/Germany
INFE Avustralya/Australia
INFE Azerbaycan/Azerbaijan
INFE Belarus
INFE Çekya/Czechia
INFE Fransa/Fransa
INFE İspanya/Spain
INFE Kıbrıs/Cyprus
INFE Makedonya/N. Macedonia
INFE Polonya/Poland
INFE Türkiye/Turkey
INFE Yunanistan/Greece
INFE Birleşik Krallık/UK
INFE Gürcistan/Georgia
INFE Ukrayna/Ukraine
INFE Rusya/Russia
INFE Romanya/Romania
INFE Macaristan/Hungary
INFE Rest of the World
INFE Portekiz/Portugal