We talked with the hidden voice of this year’s Bulgarian entry, the unique group, EQUINOX. They brought darkness, quality, woman with a white wig and 2 Americans to Lisbon. And now it’s time to know more about the 6th sense  they took to Portugal with them to make -even- more wondrous their show.

Maria Dimova is a Bulgarian singer who is interested in Bulgarian folklore music and R&B also. She competed at 4th Season of The Voice Bulgaria, and she was one of the people who chose Poli Genova– Bulgarian representative of 56th and 61st Eurovision Song Contest- as a coach. However, she continued her further The Voice destiny with other coach Ivan Lechev. But who would have known she experienced Eurovision one fine day. Borislav Milanov gave this opportunity to her, thus this incredible voice was introduced to us.

Let’s give ear to her Eurovision story;

1. Everyone was wondering about the great back vocal in Bulgarian team. It is time to clarify it! Could you introduce yourself us, please?

It’s not a secret that I was the backing vocalist of Bulgaria this year. I was introdured in the postcard of the Bulgarian team, at the press conference, too,  in interviews in Bulgaria. Maybe you didn’t notice because my role was to be that mysterious voice from the space. That’s why I ‘m not on the stage, I’m not on the spotlight. I ‘m like  the sixth sense of the group, something cosmic, something deep inside in every soul and that’s why there’s no need to be revealed on the stage.

I’m Maria Dimova. My stage name is MIA D. I ‘m 29 and I been singing my whole live. I know that is trivial but it’s true. I’m singing Bulgarian folklore and R&B.I ‘m part of one of the most popular choirs in my country -Cosmic voices. I have solo career as r&b singer,too. I’ve released two songs. My debut song is Bbboy and the second is called “Да Бебе” (“Yes Baby”). I was in The Voice of Bulgaria 2018.

2. What did you think/feel when Eurovision was proposed you for the first time? How did you imagine yourself on stage?

Borislav Milanov – the producer and one of the composers of the song invited me. God bless him! He gave me a huge chance to feel that experience. He told me that he is super insprired by my talent. I told him :”I’m super inspired by your talent for making music and It’s such an honor for me to be part of that powerful song”

I imagined the feeling to be heard from all over the world and it’s was incredible. I’m so proud that Bulgarian folklore one more time proved its power.

3. You started – and also ended- your performance with high notes. It is really difficult but important mission. How did you rehearse for your performance before staging?

Yea, It’s true. I did my own warming-up songs(special folklore songs for warming-up), also Trey helped me with some very useful exercises.

4. Please be trust :)) Did Zhana Bergendorff sing the high note parts of song with you? I want to ask this question since lots of fans still think that Zhana pretended she sang the song at that parts.

I’m honest. The beginning was mine and I have a parts in the middle of the song but at the end we were together. We sang in unison. It was amazing feeling!

5. If Bulgarian national broadcaster offers you Eurovision again as vocal act, would you accept it?

Only God knows! Even though I wasn’t on the stage for me was like I ‘m on the stage in the best mysterious way! I’m so thankful for that experience and I couldn’t think about the future.

6. If the answer is YES, what kind of song you would prepare (pop,ethnic,ballad etc.) ?

Wooowww for sure a good song is the most important thing! Maybe something hot and sexy like me!       – Haha- Some sick song. Why not with ethnic ellements(Bulgarian folklore).

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