Aminata (Latvia) blew the press center away with her first rehearsal of ÔÇťLove Injected.ÔÇŁ┬á She has a strong voice, an excellent performing persona, and a team of talented backup singers that should give way to an atmospheric performance on the Eurovision stage.


Latvia has the longest non-qualification streak of all Eurovision countries participating this year (aside from the Czech Republic).┬á They have not qualified since 2008, and since then, have barely made it out of the bottom three of the semi-finals.┬á ÔÇťCake to BakeÔÇŁ made a promising step by finishing in 13th in Semi-Final 1.┬á Could this be LatviaÔÇÖs year?

We have an interview with Aminata scheduled for Saturday.┬á In the meantime, please enjoy the footage from AminataÔÇÖs Press Meet and Greet.┬á She talks about her background as well as her upcoming album.┬á If you fast forward to the 8:56 mark, you can also catch an acoustic version of ÔÇťLove InjectedÔÇŁ.┬á She blew the press center away!