Gabi Völgyesi participated to Hungarian National Eurovision Final DAL-2013. She is in Türkçevizyon (Turkish Song Contest) this year. We talked about her DAL experience and Eurovision. She has a group “the UNIQUE”.

Who is your favorite Turkish singer?

It’s hard to say, I love Turkish songs, their atmosphere is really romantic but I have no name in my mind now.

You participated to Hungarian National Final DAL 2013 with the song “Csak te légy” it was include Turkish sound, I am so sorry you couldn’t pass to final. Do you think about returning to the contest?

I participated in the Hungarian part, I mean we’ve been selected from best 30 songs. I didn’t win it but I didn’t stop believing this song. I think this song is beautiful and I didn’t say this, my husband wrote it and he is my producer.

Yes I know him. He is from the UNIQUE (their group) and his name is Adam Kovacsics.

Oh do you know the UNIQUE? (She was really excited.). I love the atmosphere of it. Maybe I am not objective because you know that I was a performer.

Why did you participate at the contest alone? Why didn’t you join with the UNIQUE?

That was a good one, we didn’t want to harm anyway the UNIQUE, if we didn’t pass to final it would injure our group. I couldn’t pass to DAL final but the UNIQUE is brilliant now, nothing happend to them.

Your style and sound was more different than the UNIQUE in DAL. The UNIQUE is doing Hungarian electro-pop music but your song was really oriental in DAL 2013.

I think the UNIQUE has more electronical style that my song – Csak te légy- was very lyrical than the UNIQUE’s songs. There is a tune inside.

Your last album -Ugye mindig ilt lesze?- released in 2012 and when will you release your new album?

Good question! I am a fan of my husband and I’m keep asking to him when will he finish the album as singer. He is really maximalist.

Did you watch Eurovision this year?

No, I didn’t.

Do you know Kalay -Saunders?

Of course I know him.
What do you think about him?

I think he is a good boy. I can’t say anything because I don’t know him very well. He has a good voice.

I remember he was your rival in DAL 2013.


What do you thing about Kédvesem?

Aha!Well, that was a different kind of song than others.
You can be relax, Alex probably can’t read this interview 😀
Oh, Kédvesem is a nice song but for me it’s not special. I really like the guy. WE was participater in DAL and he said “You know Gabriella I just don’t know am I looking for here, I just don’t understand here because everyone is different from me.” Because he is a philosophy student anyway he is different from average. Well, I really like his style.

And finally why are you here now? How did you decide to join Turkish contest and why?

Because I’ve invited by here 🙂 Last year my relative was Hungarian participant -Silvia-. Silvia who mentioned me that this is an opportunity if I once to there. And when I said the Turkish Festival organisator checked my application. I have some hits then later they said: Yes.

What is your song namein Türkçevizyon?

The title? Please don’t ask 😀 I can sing the chours if you want:

(Singing) Sanki seninle sonumuz aynıymış,istersen inan istersen inanma.

This was the title “İstersen inan istersen inanma”

Her accent was amazing!)

This is my special question,what do you think about Kati Wolf?

I think she is talented.She appear couple years ago in talent contest. She didn’t win it but she was really talented. She is talented in Hungary and trying to go abroad.

And I want to ask again,When will we watch you on Eurovision stage again?

We haven’t decide it yet but you can follow us on our website uniquemusic.hu

Thank you so much ,good luck on Türkçevizyon stage!

Thank you!

Let’s remember Gabi Völgyesi’s DAL-2013 performence: