Irish TV channel TG4 has  broadcast from its national final to determine the artist who represent Ireland at 14th annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest. This national final will be the last one of 2016 in the name of Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

In this special night 6 successful voices ,achieved to overcome from pre-steps, perform their live performances for very last time on the stage. The winner one will represent Ireland at Junior Eurovision 2016 which is held on 20th November in Malta.

Zena Donnelly ÔÇô┬áBrice ar Bhrice
Walter McCabe ÔÇô┬áLas Do Sholas
Hannah McNicholas Roche ÔÇô┬áTitim as a Ch├ęile
Cliona NicDhomnail ÔÇô┬áAg Seasamh Le Mo R├ęaltai
Lasairfh├şona de Br├║n ÔÇô Fan Liom
Amy McGrath ÔÇô┬áMÔÇÖAingeal

To watch the national final click here.