No, we will never see Shy’m as the representative of France at Eurovision. The singer of The Malice has made a statement at the talk-show programme Grand 8 why she would necessarily refused the offer for Eurovision.

Shy’m Is Not Ready for Eurovision

In 2011, there was a rumour that Shy’m will be the representative  of France at Eurovision Song Contest. But at the end, the opera singer Amaury Vasily has been chosen. We’ve learned that she refused the offer for competition which French committe has been proposed.

“It Would Be a Huge Risk”

When Aida Touihri has questioned  about a possible participation in Eurovision, Shy’m explained: “Based on the success we have and the bad results we’ve had becuse the political and geographical reasons, it would be a huge risk. I really don’t want to get it now. I like to take risks but not at that point. “

Shy’m – La Malice: