Third semi-final of #Melfest has ended and results are in Lisa Ajax is going to Final .

Lisa Ajax

She is just 17-years-old but she has already won the “Idol: Sverige” in 2014. She attend to Lila #Melfest in 2012 which is a contest for Junior Eurovision with the song “Allt som jag har” but she couldn’t make it.

For #Melfest her song’s name is “My Heart Wants Me Dead” and it has written by writers of #Melfest winners Heroes and You┬áLinnea Deb, Joy Deb.┬áAnton H├ąrd af Segerstad who wrote the Phoenix for Molly Sanden and songs for Fifth Harmony. Finally Nikki Flores(Wrote songs for Disney movie Series “Cheetah Girls”), Sara Forsberg