Last┬áSaturday as Escapenews team we were in Amsterdam too. And we had the chance to interview with the artists in the press center. Here our interview with Jamala┬áwho is representing Ukraine┬áthis year in Eurovision Song Contest with the song “1944”.

1-In the national final it was a really close voting It was almost a tie how did feel you when the last votes were coming ? 

When juries announced the results I was thinking that maybe Eurovision song contest is not my way I think that maybe ItÔÇÖs a sign. Actually I hate competitions because you know ItÔÇÖs spoils because you are like an athlete thatÔÇÖs why I understand that maybe ItÔÇÖs not my way. But after that when I won of course I was happy and ItÔÇÖs a big honor to represent my own country.

2-When you won your National Final ThereÔÇÖve been a big reaction wave all around the world. Were you expecting this things?
No I wasnÔÇÖt expecting this things but I had to believe in myself.

3-We always heard your grandmotherÔÇÖs story but who is Jamala how was JamalaÔÇÖs childhood?
IÔÇÖm from small village. IÔÇÖve graduated from music collage after that IÔÇÖve graduated from Kiev National Academy Of Music as a Opera singer and actually I was going to be a Opera singer and to continuo my career as a Opera singer but my plan changed in 2009 when I attend to Grand Prix ,which is an international song contest for young singers, in Latvia. After that contest I decided to write my own music than IÔÇÖve released 4 albums last one released in October ÔÇťbreathÔÇŁ. And obviously music in my blood.

4-Earlier you said that you will have some concerts in Turkey. Can you give us some hints about when or where will this happen ?
I really hope that finally I will finally have concert in Istanbul because itÔÇÖs one of my dreams. I had one concert in Edirne and twice in Eski┼čehir but never in Istanbul I hope that I will have it after Eurovision.
We will be waiting for you Good Luck in Eurovision.

This time from Jamala, who will represent Ukraine with her song “1944” at this year’s Eurovision!

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