We don’t know that which year was more scandalous for Germany ’cause in 2015 their National Final winner didn’t want to go to Eurovision so Ann Sophie (Who came second) competed in Vienna and she shared last place with Austria with zero points. Then for 2016 national broadcaster announced Xavier Naidoo as representer but no more than one week later they pulled off him and their National Final ended today.

  1. Ella Endlich – Adrenalin
  2. Joco – Full Moon
  3. Gregorian – Masters Of Chant
  4. Woods of Birnam –┬áLift Me Up (From The Underground)
  5. Luxusl├Ąrm –┬áSolange Liebe in mir wohnt
  6. Ke├Şma – Protected
  7. Avantasia – Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose
  8. Alex Diehl – Nur ein Lied
  9. Jamie-Lee Kriewitz – Ghost
  10. Laura Pinski –┬áUnder The Sun We Are One

Jamie Lee┬á“Unser Lied F├╝r Stockholm” with the song Ghosts. Ten acts performed to be top three in the first part of the selection. In superfinal Jamie Lee competed with┬áAvantasia and┬áAlex Diehl, but she could reach the victory at the end of the night.

The detailed voting results in the super-final: Jamie-Lee Kriewitz first, Alex Diehl second, Avantasia third



Impressions from great night:

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Common Linnets was the guest of the show and they sang their second place 2014 song “Calm After The Storm”.