Jedward who had represented Ireland in Eurovision two times in a row, recorded a new video.

They recorded a clip for their song “Make Your Own Luck”. Celebrity Big Brother’s star Perez Hilton accompanied them in clip. So that this clip became the second Jedward clip that Perez Hilton has appeared (first one was Bad Behaviour).

In clip, John is a man who is working for a woman and trying to earn money. Edward is living an opposite life with John, he is famous and has a lot of fan. At the end of the clip, everything is in rewind, and they coming across. So they wanted to say that you have to make your own luck, at the end of these choices, two different life is waiting for you. Perez Hilton is a man that who is paying a compliment for Jedward in clip.

They told:”We are really excited about the clip. We started to work on the clip that we’re recording for the song ‘Leave A Mark On This World’, it’ll be more serious than this one.”. “Make Your Own Luck” was the first song in their fourth untitled album that released in 30th of January.

You can watch the video from here.