Mediterranean Conference Centre is getting ready to host 14th Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Final preparations are underway, and the rehearsals will start as soon as possible after arrival of delegations. 

For the very first time this ┬áyear a changing on voting system that is each entry will be judged by one professional music industry jury and one youth jury made up of children from every participating country. These will combine 50/50 to form that countryÔÇÖs vote, and each┬áspokesperson will tell us the name of countries which received points. This year’s expert juries┬áwill also award 1-8 points, then 10 and 12 to their favourite acts. These votes will then be added to the scoreboard, creating the participant’s final score. The country with the most points will be announced as winner of the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

The 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest takes place at 16:00 CET on Sunday 20th November. To find out more information, visit

To learn all participants, visit here.