After the fan favorite singer Aly Ryan the former The Voice of Germany participant John Riot would also like to succeed San Marino’ foreign singer line up.

John Riot participated the auditions The Voice as a Patrick Reining two years ago, but he didn’t get into the next round. Since then, the John Riot has published several singles.

German Bild newspaper reports that John Riot wants to go to the Eurovision Song Contest for San Marino. It’s a this year second attempt from German singers to representing San Marino at Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam.

“I wanted to apply for Germany.” said John Riot in an interview. “We checked the official NDR Eurovision website every day to see whether you can apply. New information was always released, but never on the application page”

And he added “Anymore(His Eurovision song) is a classic Eurovision pop song, It starts off slowly and then turns into an explosion.”

The song was produced by Paul Falk who son of Dieter Falk. He was already on the jury, as a producer and composed the official advertising song for the Eurovision 2011 in Düsseldorf.

Managing Director Bernd Schumacher noticed the incredible talent of the in May 2017. At that time he performed at the release party of his song in a Leipzig.