Johnny Logan who is one of the legendary names in eurovision history, has taken part in new Irish comedy series.Popular Irish singer Johnny Logan has joined the cast of new Irish comedy series Garda.

Johnny said something about  his new occupation:

“I thought it was really funny and the guys contacted my eldest sons and said ‘would you ask your dad would he play a Gard, do a cameo in it.’

“They showed me a clip of it and it seemed really funny so I said why not, so I went down,” he explained.

“Instead of the cameo, I did a couple hours filming so they got me in loads of different scenes ‘fecking this and fecking that’ so it was great fun.”

“I’m singer not an actor but it was great fun,” he admitted.


The new series will be released via Youtube over the next few weeks. The first part can be watched Tv on 22nd February.