After the national broadcast of Macedonia announced that Kaliopi will represent Macedonia at Eurovision Song Contest once again after four years, all Eurovision fans started to wait her new song curiously. When she was in Belgrade, Serbian newspaper “Blic” did an interview with experienced artist. She explained her plans and thoughts about her Eurovision participation. Here is the mini-interview that she has done with “Blic”:

-You are representing your country again on the Eurovision song contest, do you have any song on your mind yet?

-Yes, we are already preparing a song in the studio. Romeo Grill is working on it and I am constantly waiting for some news from him and I am sure that It will be a huge song, because knowing Romeo, I am sure he knows that this year’s Eurovision is somehow a moment where I should give my life interpretation. Because of that I expect an enormous hit.

-Is it going to be better than the last one?

-Sure It will, it has to. The first time I sang “Bato”with the group Kaliopi, no one ever expected that “Bato” would be living among us for nearly 30 years. I also remember, back then, someone asked me will I ever have another huge hit and during all these years we continued making big songs. However, “Bato” and “Crno i belo” will be remembered forever and that’s something I expect with the new song too. Something that will become a Eurovision evergreen. And of course, to get into the finals and to make the same success from 2012. , that would make me extremely happy.