Kaliopi, the leading Macedonian pop sensation, has produced her first single single since appearing in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm.

Her new single “Kesteni” has been developed in conjunction with the current biggest Balkan radio project “The Stars Are Singing The Stars 2”. In this show current Balkan pop stars are asked to make their own versions of classic pop hits. Kaliopi’s contribution was a remake of the 1988 smash hit by the band Alisa.

“Kesteni” has a new arrangement produced Kaliopi`s long time collaborator Romeo Grill, also responsible for her Eurovision songs “Crno I Belo” (2012) and “Dona” (2016).

The video for “Kesteni”, produced by NN Media, captures the unique energy and essence of the original version of the song. Speaking at the premiere of the single Kaliopi said; “We managed to make a complete audio-visual story. The reactions from my friends, co-workers, and my dear fans are great, everyone is indeed very pleased. I’m especially delighted that the author of the song, Miroslav Zivanovic-Pile from the band Alisa, is thrilled with the remake. We succeeded to make a cover that will continue the spirit of the song and that will make “Kesteni” forever remain in peoples hearts and Balkan music history”.

As well as Kaliopi, the Radio S production has included participating from past Serbian Eurovision start including Zeljko Joksimovic (2004 and 2012), Marija Serifovic (ESC winner 2007), as well as Dzenan Loncarevic and Neverne bebe.