The national broadcaster TVP has got 88 application for represent Poland at this year’s Eurovision. And tonight, Poland has done their decisions for Stockholm. It’s Michal Szpak with his song Color Of Your Life.



Here is the list of the competitive songs which has been performed on the stage of Krajowe Eliminacje:

  1. Natalia SzroederLustra
  2. Edyta GórniakGrateful
  3. TarakaIn the Rain
  4. Aleksandra GintrowskaMissing
  5. Michał SzpakColor of Your Life
  6. MargaretCool Me Down
  7. Kasia Moś – Addiction
  8. Dorota OsińskaUniversal
  9. NapoliMy Universe

Songs have been voted only with televoting. It means, only Polish people decided their representative for this year’s Eurovision.

Last year’s representative for Poland, Monika Kuszyńska sang her song “In The Name Of Love” on national final stage. She announced the voting results as well.

Monika Kuszyńska was not the only guest for the national final. Andrzej Piaseczny, who was the representative of Poland at 2001 Eurovision Song Contest sang her song “2 Long”.  The show was hosted by Artur Orzech.

Let’s see how Poland will end up the contest this year!