This year’s host country Ukraine is very happy to announce that the final of 2018┬áUEFA Champions League will be taken place at Olympic National Sports Complex┬áon┬á26th May 2018..

In this morning president of Ukraine┬áPetro Poro┼čenko has┬áshared this┬áevangel for the first time at his Facebook social media account. He┬áassures everyone that Ukraine will try everything to organize the worldwide event without any problems.

The final match of┬á2018┬áUEFA Champions League will take place at┬áKyiv Olympic Stadium also known as Olympic Stadium┬áwhich is the one of the┬áproposed venue of Kyiv to EBU for 62th Eurovision Song Contest. But its┬ároof condition is not┬áappropriate to EBU’s venue criteria so this suggestion was┬árejected at the first round of┬ánegotiations.