Tropico band will be one of Beovision contestants this year and they will “fight” for their place on ESC. This famous Serbian discovered to us that they are really proud that they got the opportunity to try something new, and that they will maybe represent our country on the biggest music competition in Vienna next year.

They already work on the song and they hope that the audience will recognize their talent, as well the professionalism of the whole team who stands behind all of this.

Beside them, we got the opportunity to speak with a popular musician, song writer and music producer Tonci Huljic, who’s very sorry that Croatia won’t take part on ESC this year. One of the reason is that they don’t pass in the final. Even though we used to see him as a part of “Magazin” music group, he says that he would like to go on ESC all alone and do everything the way he likes. He said that he has one great song now, but that unfortunately he won’t be able to perform it, because Croatia withdrew from ESC and this year. He remembered of success which he accomplished with a song which he composed for a singer Igor Curkov from “Operacija Trijumf” (Triumph operation), as well that he almost represented Serbia too with “OT band” in the same year, what would be a challenge for him.

We also got the information that Bojana Stamenov, better known as “Serbian Aretha Franklin” will “fight” for her place on ESC. She says that going on ESC will be totally new experience for her and that it will be like an award to her. She still needs to make a song, but she considers that it will be a “crown” of everything. Representing our country on ESC would be from huge significance for her, because she watch competition since she was a child. Beside the song, she hopes that music will reach hearts of the audience, and she considers that we could pass to the final. She hopes that she’ll keep promise which she gave to “RTS” and that she’ll win and return ESC in Belgrade. She supposed to be part of ESC team with song “─îaroban” by Kristina Kova─Ź, but she says that “she didn’t feel the song” so she gave up. She also supposed to be part of ┼Żeljko Joksimovi─ç’s team in Baku, and even though they didn’t accomplish cooperation, she hopes that their voices will meet. We wish her a lot of luck, and we hope that she’ll choose a good song.