Aujourd’hui, la BBC a révélé les six chansons qu’ils présenteront pour aller à l’Eurovision. Vous déciderez ce vendredi. Voici les chansons:


Joe and Jake: You’re Not Alone
(Written by Schwartz, Justin J Benson and S Kanes)

Bianca: Shine A Little Light
(Written by Ash Howes, Cass Lowe, Leona Lewis and Richard Stannard)


Karl William Lund: Miracle

(Written by himself)


Darline: Until Tomorrow

(Written By Roy Stride, Joshua Wilkinson, Duck Blackwell and Jack McManus)


Dulcima: Shine A Light

(Written by Tomas Twyman)


Matthew James: A Better Man

(Written ByHelienne Lindvall, Andrew Fromm and Peter Kvint)

(Will Be Updated)