Tonight Bulgaria has hosted for its national final to determine the junior act who will be performing in Malta in the name of her motherland.

Initially of  selection total 15 hopeful acts performed at semi finals to be first 5 and to take chance performing in the final.  In both two semi finals the voting was decided solely by the juries. according to semi finals results Dimitrina Germanova, Lidiya Ganeva, Group Bon-Bon, Simona Krasteva and Preslava Petrova qualified to perfom one more time.

The five finalists  each performed two songs; one of which was in Bulgarian. This time there was televoting which would decide 50% of the final outcome with the jury deciding the other 50%. The winner  Lidiya Ganeva  who has received the highest amount of points in total and will represent Bulgaria in the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta.


Lidiya Ganeva’s song for contest will be announced in the coming days.