Gigantium will host 45th Dansk MGP with 10 songs on 7th of February at Aalborg in Denmark. Dansk MGP 2015’s album revealed on 26th of January at Sony Music’s official market . Here are 10 names and their songs.

Andy Roda – Love Is Love
Compositors: Andy Roda e Maria Hammer-Jensen

Anne Gadegaard – Suitcase
Compositors,Micky Skeel e Magnus Funemy

Anti Social Media – The Way You Are
Compositors: Remee e ChiefOne

Babou – Manjana
Compositors: Thomas Sardorf, Karen Rosenberg, Lasse Lindorf, Daniel Rothmann, Johannes Loeffler e Matthias Zürkler

Cecilie Alexandra – Hotel A
Compositors: Marcos Ubeda, Bobby Ljunggren e Kristian Lagerström

Julie Bjerre – Tæt På Mine Drømme
Compositors: Lise Cabble, Maria Danielle Andersen e Jacob Schack Glæsner

Marcel & Soulman Group – Når Veje Krydses
Compositors: Marcel Mark Gbelke, Jeanette Christiansen e Bjarne List Nissen)

Sara Sukurani – Love Me Love Me
Compositors: Sara Sukurani, Robert Uhlmann, Alexander Papaconstantinou e Arash Labaf

Tina & René – Mi Amore
Compositors: Thomas G:son e  Henrik Sethsson

World of Girls – Summer Without You
Compositors: Daniel Calvin, Rune Braager e Martin Fliegenschmidt

What do you think about songs and what’s your favorite? Say to us !