As you know Estonian national final called Eesti Laul to host for 20 candidates in this year.

Today, the producer of Eesti Laul Mart Normet has given as a gift to Eesti Laul lover by releasing the participant songs for 2016 Eesti Laul! Firstly this twenty candidates will perform on semifinals to win chance to perform in final. At the last, the winner of Eesti Laul will represent Estonia in Stockholm.


1. “Love a Little Bit” / The Jingles
2. “I’m Facing North” / Würffel
3. “Seis” / Mick Pedaja
4. “Hispaania tüdruk” / Indrek Ventmann
5. “Immortality” / Cartoon feat. Kristel Aaslaid
6. “Lonely Boy” / Kéa
7. “Kaugel Sinust” / Kati Laev ja Noorkuu
8. “How Many Times” / Zebra Island
9. “Supersonic” / Laura
10. “Salty Wounds” / Windy Beach

1. “Sally” / Go Away Bird
2. “Play” / Jüri Pootsmann
3. “Parmupillihullus” / Meisterjaan
4. “Patience” / I Wear* Experiment
5. “Meet Halfway” / Púr Múdd
6. “Stories Untold” / Grete Paia
7. “Eiolemulolla” / Põhja-Tallinn ja Jaagup Kreem
8. “Strong” / Anett Kulbin
9. “Miljon korda” / Gertu Pabbo
10. “Unikaalne” / La La Ladies

“Today is a real day of celebration for fans of the Eurovision Song Contest. The hopeful songs of Estonia have never been revealed before Christmas! Now that the season has begun, it it is a perfect opportunity to listen and enjoy all the songs together. We have gathered all the songs to a YouTube playlist, where the songs are listed in the order of their appearance in the semi-finals”” said the producer of Eesti Laul Mart Normet.