Moldova has chosen their representive in Vienna with O Melodie Pentru Europa 2015 and winner is Eduard Romanyuta “I Want Your Love”The jury consist of Adrian Beldiman (composer, Radio Moldova chief producer), Iurie Badicu (producer), Aurel Chirtoac─â (singer), Aliona Triboi (singer), Andrei Sava (composer), Victor Buruian─â (songwriter) and Vlad Costandoi (producer).

The winner of the final has decided by 50% jury/50% televote.


1 Miss M “Lonely Stranger”
2 Irina Kitoroag─â “I’m Gonna Get You”
3 Eduard Romanyuta “I Want Your Love”
4 Dana Markitan “Love Me”
5 Diana Brescan “Up and Down”
6 Doni╚Ťa Gherman “Inim─â fierbinte”
7 DoReDoS “Maricica”
8 Stela Bo╚Ťan “Save Me”
9 Mihaela Andrei “About Love”
10 Lidia Isac “I Can’t Breathe”
11 Glam Girls “Magia”
12 Sunstroke Project & Michael Ra “Day After Day”
13 Julia Sandu “Fire”
14 Serj Kuzenkoff “Danu n─âzdr─âvanu”
15 Marcel Ro╚Öca “Feelings Will Never Leave”
16 Valeria Pa╚Öa “I Can Change All My Life”

Listen Moldova’s Choice: