Tonight, the second pre-recorded show was broadcasted, and only five participants could win tickets for next shows.

The participants list of the night 

  1. Jurgis Br┼źzga Hold On (eliminated)
  2. Ugn─Ś Smile You Don’t Know (eliminated)
  3. Lawreigna Falling (eliminated)
  4. I┼ítvanas Kvikas & Ellada Please DonÔÇśt Cry
  5. Catrinah Be Free
  6. Egl─Ś Jak┼ítyt─Ś Leisk dar b┼źti
  7. Valdas Lacko Stay Tonight
  8. R┼źta ┼á─Źiogolevait─Ś United

Prasid─Śjo antrosios ÔÇ×EurovizijosÔÇť nacionalin─Śs atrankos filmavimas, Vytenio Rad┼żi┼źno ( nuotr.
The viewers watched eight performances during night, also voted for their favorites.┬áThe national jury in the second show consisted of Ram┼źnas Zilnys, Darius U┼żkuraitis, Nomeda Kazlaus and Vaidas Baumila. The international experts were Peter Freudenthaler, the lead singer of the German band Fools Garden, the British performer Syron and Karl Frierson, a member of the German jazz ensemble De-Phazz. They have already given their points. The combine of juries and public votes have determined the names who can perform at next shows.

The Results (LRT)

After the voting process R┼źta ┼á─Źiogolevait─Ś, I┼ítvanas Kvikas & Ellada, Catrinah, Valdas Lacko and Egl─Ś Jak┼ítyt─Ś took advance to keep going in competition.

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For first round; result and performances.

After the two rounds, ten quailfiers chosen for following shows. These are:

R┼źta ┼á─Źiogolevait─Ś

Ištvanas Kvikas & Ellada
Valdas Lacko
Egl─Ś Jak┼ítyt─Ś
Alice Way
Behind the Moon
Erica Jennings
Donny Montell

They will compete in the next show is scheduled for January 23, 2016 at 20:00 CET.