Usually Slovenia is one of the fan favorite countries in Eurovision and according to fans they don’t deserve their result (It should be more they say) like in 2011 or 2015. And today Slovenia chose their entry for 2016 with their national final EMA. ManuElla won EMA 2016 with the Song Blue and Red.

Their 2015 presenter Maraaya and JESC 2015 presenter (her song was composed by Maraaya also) Lina Kuduzovic performed in the final tonight. In the first round three expert juries chose two super-finalist. And in  the super final ManuElla won it by %100 televoting.

1 Anja Ba┼í “What If” Anja Ba┼í
2 ┼Żan Ser─Źi─Ź “Summer Story” ┼Żan Ser─Źi─Ź
3 Anja Kotar “Too Cool” Anja Kotar
4 San Di EGO “Brez tebe” (Without you) Nino O┼ílak, Igor Pirkovi─Ź
5 D Base “Spet ┼żiv” (Alive again) Alex Volasko, David Domjani─Ź, Nejc ┼Żehelj, Benjamin Doli─ç
6 Regina “Alive in Every Way” Aleksander Kogoj, Jon Dobrun
7 ManuElla “Blue and Red” Marjan Hvala, Manuella Bre─Źko, Leon Oblak
8 Raiven “─îrno bel” (Black and white) Tadej Ko┼íir, Jernej Kr┼żi─Ź, Sara Bri┼íki Cirman
9 Nu┼ía Derenda “Tip Top” ┼Żiga Pirnat, Andra┼ż Gliha
10 Sebastijan Lukovnjak “Tales of Tomorrow” Martin Bezjak, Tadej Jambrovi─Ź