Maxi (Irene McCoubrey) represented Ireland in 1973 solo and in 1981 with the Sheeba. She is is an Irish radio disc-jockey and producer; actor, journalist, and singer…She began her career with Maxi, Dick and Twink girl band in the late 1960s.

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Showbiz legend and former presenter with both RTÉ Radio 1 and 2FM, Irene McCoubrey – better known as Maxi – has announced she is to retire.

Maxi presented Irish Eurovision National Final in 1987 with Marty Whelan.

She represented her country in 1973 with her song “Do I Dream” and became 10th with 80 points in Luxembourg.

After 8 years later in 1981 she represented her country as apart of the Sheeba and their song (Horoscopes). They became 5th with 105 points in Dublin.