Today SVT has released lyrics and staging details of Second Semi-Final. Here are the details.


Song: Kizunguzungu

She will have four dancer with her on the stage. Only effect will be yellow confetties main colors of the lights will be turquoise, yellow and pink.maxresdefault

Swingfly feat. Helena Gutarra

Song: You Carved Your Name

Five dancers will join them on the stage. They will only use CO2 Jets as an effect.



Song: Weight of the World

Only they will be on the stage and they will use silver jets, fountains. Colors of the lights will be yellow, blue, green, gray and white.



After Dark

Song:Kom Ut Som En Stj├Ąrna

Four drag queens and two dancers will join them on the stage. They will use big candle letters, fans and silver confetties.


Lisa Ajax

Song: My Heart Wants Me Dead

She will have six dancers on the stage. Long pieces of the clothes will be hanging on the stage there will be fans and smoke. Lights mainly will be in white and gold.


Boris Ren├ę┬á

Song: Put Your Love on Me

He will be on stage with five dancers. Lights will be in red and tungsten.


Oscar Zia

Song: Human

He will be alone on the stage this time and there will be a lot of smoke and a color cloud which will change the color through the song.14s06-Zia-453