We all waited for this night and now we have the results Ace Wilder with the song “DonÔÇÖt Worry” and┬áRobin Bengtsson with the song “Constellation Prize” made through the final. Samir&Viktor with the song ÔÇťBada NaknaÔÇŁ and Albin&Mattias with the song ÔÇťRikÔÇŁ going to the Andra Chansen. In the first round Pernilla Andersson┬áeliminated and because of the disqualification we had the all leavers of semi-final.

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Final-Ace Wilder

I’m sure you will remember 33 years old but look likes 19 ┬áyears old singer from 2014 and after one year of break she is returning to #Melfest. Actually In 2014 she won the ┬ájury voting but Sanna Nielsen beat her with televoting and Ace came second after Sanna.Here is the Ace’s 2014 song “Busy Doing Nothin”

Her song’s name is “Don’t Worry” for #Melfest┬á2016. And It’s written by herself,┬áJoy Deb, Linnea Deb and Anton H├ąrd af Segerstad. Three of them co-writers of Eurovision 2015 winner “Heroes”.

Andre Chansen-Samir&Viktor

Did they sound familiar? Yes, They are because they reached ┬áthe final in 2015 from Andra Chansen with the song “Groupie”. And they came 8th in the final.

Their song’s name is “Bada Nakna” and it means “Swim Naked” and if you remember Samir and Viktor you can understand that they will serve a really hot song to us. Song written by┬áFredrik Kempe, David Kreuger and Anderz Wrethov. Fredrik Kempe co-writer of the songs like Hero, Undo, Blame It On The Disco, Moving On and more actually he wrote the song “Popular” for Eric Saade all alone.

Final-Robin Bengtsson

This will be his first appearance  in #Melfest. First TV appearance was in 2008 and he came 3rd in Swedish Idol He has 4 singles right know and best place was #8 on Swedish single charts.

His song named┬á“Constellation Price” and written by┬áBobby Ljunggren, Henrik Wikstr├Âm, Mark Hole, Martin Eriksson.

Andre Chansen-Albin Johns├ęn & Mattias Andr├ęasson

Albin is one of the fresh-man’s of #Melfest 2016. He relased his first album in 2015 but he is recording singles since 2013. And Mattias will make his second appareance in #Melfest┬áafter 2012. He sang the song “F├Ârl├ąt Mig” but unfortunately he couldn’t qualify. Here Mattias’s Melfest song in 2012

And here is on of the Albin’s songs

Their song called “Rik” in English that means “Rich”. And their song only written by theirselves.