The new voting system has been introduced today! According to new system, public votes will be sub-grouped and considered based on the age of voters. But how?

– The viewers are divided into seven age groups with as much power and we get to see a new voting heart in picture.

– For several years in history, the result in the Melodifestivalen was decided by jury groups that were divided according to age. Now that system is coming back. But this time, the groups are not formed by selected jury members – but by all viewers who vote.

– Each of the age groups will award points in the classic scale, where the favorite receives 12 points. All age groups have as many points to hand out.

– So here’s your votes to count in the Melodifestivalen 2019:

• Everyone who uses the voting app is divided into seven different viewer groups based on age.
• The telephone voices form an eight group of viewers.
• All the different viewer groups have as many points to hand out.

– For viewers to have as many points as the international jury groups, the international groups will be REDUCED from eleven to eight.

The new voting system is calculated as follows:

• SEMIFINALS: Each viewer group divides 43 points, based on the scale 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1 points (fewer scoring steps than in the final because there are only seven entries). In the competitions, as usual, the investments will be presented without the result being calculated on any scoreboard.
• Final: Each viewer group divides 58 points, based on the scale 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 points. The eight international jury groups also share another 58 points with the same score scale.
• Second chance: In each duel, the viewer groups share one point to the most-received grant. The contribution that gets the most points in their duel goes on to the final. If both entries in a duel receive as many points from the viewer groups, the total number of votes determines.

– For the viewers, there will be no significant difference in the program. It is only in the final that it will glimpse. Just as we are used to, the twelve entries with their points will be called one at a time. But the score will no longer be based on what percentage of viewers’ voices the contribution received. Instead, we simply get to know how many viewer points the different contributions have received.

– In the corner of the TV picture, we have seen a heart in recent years that shows how much viewers applaud on the grant. That heart is changing and will not be as revealing at all to the result. But it will still be interesting.

The heart of the TV box will show two things:

• Heart bolts based on the amount of voices coming in right now. This corresponds to the previous animation, where the heart cracked when viewers voted the most. But the nuances of how fast the heart bolts will be significantly less revealing.

• The heart CHANGES color based on which viewer groups are currently most engaged. This is calculated based on the changes in engagement: If the group 3–9 years vote twice as much as the group 75+, it will still be the latter that will be shown if the oldest viewers suddenly increase in commitment. At least THREE colors are always displayed simultaneously.

Here’s how the eight viewer groups will be divided and colored in the app heart:

• Green: 3–9 years
• Turquoise: 10–15 years
• Blue: 16–29 years
• Purple: 30–44 years
• Pink: 45–59 years
• Red: 60–74 years
• Orange: 75+
• Missing color: Phone