The most popular Eurovision national selection; Melodifestivalen has completed its 4th semi final (Detavling 4)

Mariette and Rolandz qualified to the grand final and the 2 other names Olivia and Felix will try its chance next week in the Second Chance.

Melodifestivalen includes total of 4 semi finals, one second chance and a final. 12 artists will compete in the final to be the best of Sweden.

These were the names who were competed tonight; (winners are bold)

  1. Emmi Christensson – Icarus (6)
  2. Elias Abbas – Mitt Paradis
  3. Felicia Olsson – Break That Chain (7)
  4. Rolandz – Fuldans
  5. Olivia Eliasson – Never Learn
  6. Felix Sandman – Every Single Day 
  7. Mariette – For You