“Så ska det låta” is a Swedish game show (originally from Ireland:  The Lyrics Board). It has started in 1997. The new season of Så ska det låta starts with some Melodifestivalen participants from this year and previous years…

Consepts of “Så ska det låta” or The Lyrics Board:

Each team consists of a piano player/team captain who is joined by two celebrities/singers, at either side. A team would choose a number from one to five, from “the board”, revealing a word. The team would then have to sing a song with that related word to remain in charge of ‘the board’. If the team sing the secret song which is on the board, then this team would win a point, with the team with the most points declared as the winners.

New season of the show starts tomorrow and runs until the end of February.

January 10:
David Lindgren, Bruno Mitsogiannis, Peter Johansson & Robert Rydberg against Jessica Andersson & Per Andersson
January 17:
Guest: Markoolio
Sarah Dawn Finer & Nisse Landgren against Kristin Amparo & Viktoria Tolstoy
January 24:
Guest: Lena Philipsson
Jennifer Brown & Claes Malmberg against Daniel Norberg & Frida Öhrn
January 31:
John Lundvik & Molly Pettersson Hammar against Per Fritzell & Jenny Berggren
February 7:
Guest: Lasse Berghagen
Shima Niavarani & Nina Söderquist against Oscar Zia & Mollie Lindén
February 14:
Jonas Gardell & Joanna Perera against Wenche Myhre & Amy Deasismont
February 21:
Guest: Niklas Strömstedt
Alcazar vs. Just D
February 28:
Peter Larsson & Josefin Johansson mot Lasse Kronér & Shirley Clamp