Mihai Traistariu has represented Romania in Eurovision Song Contest 2006 where held in Athenes. He became 4th with his song “Torner├▓”…┬áHe obtained in Eurovision – the biggest result in Romanian history and ┬áParticipated 6 times in national selection for Eurovision, placed 2,3,4,3,3,1. And he released a song named “Paradisio” in later 2015. Last week Romanian Broadcaster┬áhas announced him with the song Paradisio for their National Final in 2016. And as ESCape News team we made an interview with him here is the details.

-You are a well-known name in Eurovision Family after Tornero. What does Eurovision and the fans means to you?
Eurovision changed my life in 2006. That’s why I want to change it AGAIN. This time ÔÇŽ Forever !

-After Eurovision you didn’t release so many songs. But you have returned really strong. Is there any reason about the timing of your return?
I wanted to have a song better than Tornero and I believe that PARADISIO is much powerful. That’s why I waited for so long ÔÇŽ I really want to win 1-st place in Sweden ÔÇŽ for Romania this year !

-Can you tell the process of your National Final song Paradisio? Most of the fans and us got really excited because of the rumors of your return to the National Final. And you are one of the favorites for National final so far does that make any pressure on you?
Yes. It’s a lot of pressure but I’m a mature guy now and I realized in time that ÔÇŽ all good things are happening if they have to ÔÇŽ I waited for 10 years ÔÇŽ It’s time to believe that Romania can win the competition for the first time in the history of Eurovision.

-Next Month National Final will start: Did you start any preparations for show? Do you think that you will return to Eurovision?
I’m preparing for it. In 2006 some people said that I didn’t have a great show on stage. The voice and the song were good enough ÔÇŽ but ÔÇŽ the show was less ÔÇŽ
So ÔÇŽ for 2016 ÔÇŽ I hope I’ll surprise European people with my show. I’m working on it since October ÔÇŽ

-Do you have a choreography for Eurovision in case of a victory?
It’s a surprise ÔÇŽ

-If it’s possible would you share with us; did you listen the chosen song for Eurovision 2016? Who is your favorite so far?
I did’nt have time to listen to them but I’ll do it as soon as all songs are chosen. I’m a huge fan of Eurovision so ÔÇŽ I know almost every song ÔÇŽ every year ÔÇŽ
So ÔÇŽ I’ll do it ÔÇŽ soon ÔÇŽ

-You are retuning exactly 10 years later who is your all-time Eurovision favorite?
I love a lot of songs and artists. Sometimes I love more than 10 ÔÇô 12 songs / year. Last year, for example I loved Italy, Russia, Sweden ÔÇŽ and they were all top 3.

-And is your all-time favorite artist-song out of Eurovision Do you have any messages for the Turkish and ESC fans?

I love Mariah Carey and all her songs ÔÇŽ
I’ll be more than happy to sing in Turkey this year ÔÇŽ I hope Paradisio will be a hit there as Tornero was in 2006 ÔÇŽ
I hardly wait to meet Turkish Esc Fans ÔÇŽ