Molly Sanden who has the best result for Sweden in Junior Eurovision Song Contest and who will make her third appearance in #Melfest2016 spoke to ESCapenews. There’s a big hype for her in #Melfest 2016.



1- This will be your third time at Melodifestivalen do you believe in third time luck ?
— I believe that what should happen – will happen. But of course I’m hoping for third time luck!

2-Last summer youÔÇÖve been in Turkey. What is your opinions about Turkey and Turkish people ? Have you ever listened any Turkish singers ?
— I completely fell in love with Turkey and it’s richness and contrasts with the sea, mountains and cute old towns. And ofc the vegetarian food! The people were very friendly and the music interesting. I love the way some Turkish singers use the notes in between!
3-Your song for 2016 has written by you and Danny Saucedo does the song have any meaning for you ?
— To me Youniverse is a reminder that we humans are One. We have the same basic needs and are so much stronger if we work together. We need to take care of each other and this beautiful planet.
4-What is your favorite song from Melodifestivalen or Eurovision history ?
– I think it’s Euphoria with Loreen.

5-You made a great peak with freak in Swedish Charts is there any story behind the song and how was the process ?
— We wrote Freak to a 10 years younger Molly who was very insecure and thought she had to change the way she looked to fit in… I was bullied when I was younger and even though I’m more confident today the scars from back then still hurts sometimes. Freak was also a way of showing my fans and others in that kind of position that life isn’t easy and that you can get through something like that and grow stronger afterwards.

6-Which one was the most fascinating moment in Melodifestivalen in the years that you have been.
— When I went straight to finals the first time. It was a huge shock.

7-You have the best result of Junior Eurovision for Sweden and after one year of break Sweden is returning to the contest what should they do for a new success in Junior Eurovision?
— That’s a tricky question. But my best tip is to always keep it real. Not to “over do it”.
8-Now you are one of the favorites for Melodifestivalen 2016 is that make any pressure on you ?
— I just think it’s super nice that people have faith in me. That makes me even more excited!

9-In Melodifestivalen some of the couples are coming up with duets are you planning duets with Danny after this year ?
— Haha we only sing duets at home behind closed doors. We both think it would be a little bit too cheesy and want to separate business and our private life as much as possible.
10-Do you have any other favorite artists out of Eurovision and Melodifestivalen and what is your all time favorite song and do you have any messages for our readers ? Wish you to see you in Stockholm”
— I can just say I’m a big fan of the whole Eurovision Circus – I’ve always been! Since I was a little kid and the whole family and some friends were gathered in the living room and we made our own point-board I’ve wanted to become one of the lucky ones to stand on that big stage. So it would be a dream come true to reach the big Eurovision and meet the Eurovision fans and press! I hope you will enjoy my performance – I can promise you I’ll do my best and a little more than that.