In Gavle at fourth semi-final of Melodifestivalen Gina Dirawi and Sarah Dawn Finer performed Old Swedish Folk music in Hebrew and Arabic.

Nationalists alleged ┬áSVT┬áas THEY sang the anthem with difference lyrics in Swedish. Usually lyrics are “I want to live, I want to die in the North” but Nationalists say that she said “I want to live, I want to die in the World”. And they criticized her with very bad words.

One member from Liberal Party  Frederik Malm said:

We won Oscar award that night (Swedish actress Alicia Vikander won an award). Maybe they tried to make fun with that. We know both Melodifestivalen and Eurovision are International contests and we appreciate it. But is it true that they sang National Anthem. Especially┬á┬áchancing lyrics is really wrong. Christer Bj├Ârkman should stop his propaganda.

After Gina Dirawi’s Arabic version of folk music┬á some nationalists say that “Maybe they will close the show with saying “Allahu Ekber”

PS: Thank you for translation for our partner ESC Halley!