As all we know Turkvision/Türkvizyon Song Contest started in 2013, right after Turkey’s withdrawn from Eurovision, with huge support from TRT. But then TRT draw back itself and left TMB TV alone.

The contest was held between 2013 and 2015. It was delayed to 2017 and finally cancelled. We found out the true reason abput this development in the past months.

We contacted with the think-tank of this new contest “Turkavision” and found out that Turkvision were due to be held and even the deputy minister of Kazakhstan’s culture ministery called Furat Emir but they could not reached a solution.

After the court’s decision TMB TV’S youtube channel was deleted and the general director of the contest quitted her job.

But now it’s time to look to future. Our new contest is called “Turkvavision: Colors of Voice” and includes a very familiar name to us: Ferman Akgül, who represented Turkey in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest and came 2nd with the song “We Could Be The Same”. Also his wife Bettina Kupperman is the general director of the contest.

The contest will be far-reacging and international, countries located in the Silk Road and Balkans will have right to compete and also the Turkic origin countries. For now it’s being planned that the 1st Turkavision will take place in Turkey in April 2018 but the date is not official yet.