After victory in national final Hovi Star has decided to change his song “Made of Stars” hower he prepare different version of the song. Today he has shared with us new version and video clip of the song…

Last year after four years Israel reached for the final. Nadav finished tenth in the final with the song “Golden Boy”. Actually until 20– Israel was one of the successful countries in Eurovision and they have three victories las one was in 1998 with Dana International with the song “Diva”.Tonight Israel has chosen their act for Eurovision 2016 and it is Made Of Stars by Hovi Star.
In the final first Ella and Hovi Star competed and Hovi Star won Ella sang the song “Happy” and got %68 then Hovi Star sang the song “Stay With Me” and got %79 and qualified for the Super final.
Secondly Gil and Nofar competed and Nofar won Gil sang the song “Show Must Go On” and got %50 then Nofar covered her song and qualified for the Super final.
Then Juries chose Ella for the Super-final