Niamh Kavanagh, as known winner of Eurovision 1993 and Irish participant in 2010, will take role as a jury during┬áIreland’s Junior Eurovision national selection.

The Irish national broadcaster TG4’s had announced that┬áwill debut at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 to be held in Bulgaria.┬áTG4 previously attempted to participate in the 2014 contest but the required fon was not supplied for contest.

Now, TG4 is responsible for selection of first participant in the name of Ireland.

National broadcaster has release the program of national selection. This selection tour will proceed as long as 5 weeks on only Sundays as from 11 October. The shows will be broadcasted as pre-recorded in Dublin. And the presenter of this selection is Eoghan McDermott.

The juries are very significant names to determine the first Irish entry.  Niamh Kavanagh, Brian Kennedy, Stiofán Ó Fearail are jury team fo this year.

Niamh Kavanagh represented Ireland for twice in Eurovision. She won the contest in 1993 with her song “In Your Eyes“. In second we watched her performance “It’s For You”┬áin Oslo. She could not be successful as much as firt time.

Brian Kennedy was Irish entry in Atina with his song Every Song Is A Cry For Love. He completed the contest as number 10.

The third name  Stiofán Ó Fearail from Seo Linn, the band behind the Coláiste Lurgan.