Nicole(50) is the first winner of Germany in Eurovision Song Contest 1982 which held in Harrogate. She won the contest when she was 17 years old. Her song was “Ein Bißchen Frieden(A Little Bit Of Peace)”…She said :” A little peace “is a song of a century and a gift from God,The song will probably never lose its relevance. If I anstimme it on stage, what happens still with the people. The lighters come on, people hold each other’s hands, some even cry

There are many factors that would make the song unique. The competition in 1982 was the Cold War. Today crises fueled as in Ukraine or in Syria, the people’s desire for peace.Personally, Nicole wishes for the new year that everything remains as it is. “This is really an obscene amount. So far, God has been kind to me – both professionally and family.

Nicole’s formula for happiness is 20 days in month family, 10 days occupation.Nicole is married to her childhood friend Winfried Seibert for 20 years. She has two daughters.

Nicole – Ein Bißchen Frieden: